H i   t h e r e .

Nat & Veronica are Los Angeles based artists dedicated to exploring the problem of how to live in the digital era.

Their practice is not bound by medium, but traverses film, VR and live performance. Having created immersive theater for ten years, they bring a strong sense of the tactile world into digital and cinematic forms.

Their work grapples with fundamental questions of being: Why am I here? What does it mean to exist? What should I do with my time on earth? They strive to tackle these heavy questions with a light touch and a wild imagination, to delight, confound and provoke viewers into searching for answers within themselves.

Their award winning work has been presented by the Contemporary Art Center New Orleans, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and Prospect 1, and has toured to cities and festivals across the US. 

Currently, they are in development for a film (This World and The Next) and a video game (Arcana), both of which deal the the intersection of digital culture and the metaphysical.