Attention is something that we pay–  it’s a currency.  It can be spent, borrowed and stolen. We live in an age of unprecedented demands on our attention from sources that yield less and less in return. Clouds/Cows is a diptych portrait of two commonplace subjects, one meteorological, one animal. It explores how consciousness is transformed when we shift our focus from that which clamors for attention to that which simply exists. 

Clouds/Cows has been presented as both a durational theater piece and as a gallery installation. Part one, Clouds, created in collaboration with sculptor Jessie Vogel, uses choral performance and large-scale living sculpture to immerse audiences in a collective daydreaming session. Part two, Cows, based on a short story by Lydia Davis, is a funny, tender and potentially unnerving portrayal of a year in the life of three domestic bovine.

At turns arresting and irreverent, Clouds/Cows subtly pokes fun at the way humans organize their lives, and gives audiences a brief respite from a hyperactive culture of multi-tasking and digital distraction.


  • The Front Gallery, New Orleans LA - March/April 2016
  • FringeArts, Scratch Night, Philadelphia PA - January 2016
  • Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival, Mount Tremper NY - July 2015 
  • Work-In-Progress Showing: The Tigermen Den, New Orleans LA - May 2015
  • Work-In-Progress Showing: Dancing Grounds, New Orleans LA - November 2015
  • Work-In-Progress Showing: Catch 64, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn NY - November 2015

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Ellery Burton & Veronica Hunsinger Loe perform  Cows  at The Front gallery.

Ellery Burton & Veronica Hunsinger Loe perform Cows at The Front gallery.

Lucy Kaminsky, Madeline Wise & Melissa Krodman in  Clouds

Lucy Kaminsky, Madeline Wise & Melissa Krodman in Clouds

Giant black thunder clouds in  Clouds

Giant black thunder clouds in Clouds

Melissa Krodman and Madeline Wise in  Cows

Melissa Krodman and Madeline Wise in Cows