Nocturnes (I-III)

Created with Skin Horse TheaterNocturnes (I-III) is a sprawling three act investigation into humanity's relationship with the cosmos. Over the course of an hour the theater is transformed from the mission control room of man's first spaceflight, to the zero-gravity environment of a space station, to a cosmic landscape of planets, stars, nebulas and black holes. The show grapples with humanity's attempt to fathom the unfathomable, ultimately confronting the audience with the infinite grandeur, mystery and indifference of space.


  • LiveArts Bard, Fisher Center for Performing Arts, Annandale-On-Hudson NY - January 2015
  • New Orleans Fringe Festival, The Cosmodrome, New Orleans LA - November 2013
  • Work-in-Progress Showing: Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, New Orleans LA - May 2013


  • Best Original Devised Work, Big Easy Awards 2014
  • Best Lighting, Big Easy Awards 2014





Nocturne 1,  Mission Control

Nocturne 1, Mission Control

Nocturne 2, Zero Gravity