She Was Born

Few creatures are capable of parthenogenesis. In this extraordinary process, mothers procreate without a sexual partner and give birth to exact genetic clones of themselves.

This is a form of immortality.

She Was Born explores the intersection of love and biological imperatives. The show draws the audience into a microscopic universe in order to confront the most basic question of all: Why was I born?

Nature documentary meets Theater of the Absurd in this utterly unique physical performance featuring striking visuals, sly humor and a virtuoso performance that depicts an entire life from birth to death. It’s a story that’s completely alien and strangely familiar. After all, everything that ever lived was born.


  • FORGE, Theater at St. Claude, New Orleans LA - April 2016
  • Excerpt: Signals, Antenna Gallery - April 2016
  • Rude Fusion, The Off Center, Austin TX - September 2015
  • Work-In-Progress Showing: Sawyer Farm Artists Residency, Worthington MA - July 2015 
  • The Tigermen Den, New Orleans LA - May 2015

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Veronica Hunsinger-Loe as "She" - Photo by Josh Brasted

Photo by Josh Brasted

Photo by Josh Brasted